Hollywood film shoots in Tbilisi about the war with Russia

Georgia and Russia still argue that actually happened during the war in August 2008. What with the fact that last year's events will be the subject of a new Hollywood movie?

In Georgia, had just arrived American actor Andy Garcia: he will play the role of President Mikheil Saakashvili in the film directed by Renny Harlin, the shooting of which started in Tbilisi.

But simultaneously with the shooting in the city has been disputed that the film is actually a new PR-action of the Georgian government.
Meanwhile, Tbilisi has turned into one big movie set. The Parliament building floodlit, and Georgian and American actors and film crew members rush to the presidential palace.

The film with multi-million budget, the most expensive ever withdrawn on Georgian soil, tells the story of a journalist and cameraman caught in the midst of the events of August 2008.

The Georgian government has fully supported the creators of films, allowing them to shoot at government buildings, but it denies that participated in the financing of the project.

True, one of the film's producers - the pro-government member of parliament of Georgia.

Since the conflict was a little over a year. Each of the parties in their own estimates occurred in August 2008, when Russia troops came to Georgia, Tbilisi's attempt to recover suppressed the disputed territory of South Ossetia.

Neither party is unable to listen and take the opposite version of events. While in Georgia are shooting a movie with Andy Garcia, Russia media reported that the famous Serbian film director Emir Kushturitsa plans to shoot a film on the script, which will reflect the South Ossetian point of view.

19 October 2009 | georgia, hollywood, movie, movies, russia, war

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