More than half of refugees in Russia - the citizens of Georgia

This was reported in the territorial bodies of the Federal Migration Service of Russia. For the current year have been taken and considered an application for refugee status in 2133 of foreign nationals, 60 percent of them - come from Georgia, reports

The number of foreign nationals seeking asylum in Russia is constantly increasing, and in 2007 doubled. This year, the refugee status were 157 people, and temporary shelter provided 1,875 people from 21 states.

19 October 2009 | mbf, refugees

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• In Poland flood of refugees from Georgia - 4 months seekers were asked to 3 thousand people »»»
A large number of Georgian refugees seeking asylum in Poland.
• Georgian officer has crossed the border and asked politubezhischa in Russia »»»
Passed to Russia, former Georgian officer Aliq Bzhaniya has asked the Russian side to give him political asylum, the decision on this matter there is no claim in the Federal Migration Service of Russia.
• Nearly half of Russians want to see Yuzhnoyu Ossetia in the Russian Federation »»»
According to a sociological survey conducted at the Levada Center Levada-Center “among residents of large and medium-sized cities in Russia, 46 percent of Russians believe that South Ossetia should join the Russian Federation.
• Poll: Citizens of Georgia as a whole does not support anti-Russian policy »»»
More than half of Georgia’s population - 59% of respondents to local branch of the National Democratic Institute of the U.
• Interfax: one Georgian soldier perebezhal on the Russian side »»»
One Georgian soldier perebezhal on the Russian side, in order to obtain political asylum.