Georgian media reported an attempt to undermine the four transmission lines in the east. Guilty called Ossetians

Unknown in the night of Wednesday trying to undermine the four high-voltage power lines in the village Tsagvli Khashuri district (Eastern Georgia).

At the scene includes representatives of the regional police Shida Kartli. The investigation is underway, said the agency "News-Georgia", with reference to local television.

Commentary law enforcement agencies in connection with the incident, RIA Novosti has not yet been obtained.

As explained in the air "Rustavi-2" the governor of Shida Kartli Lado Vardzelashvili, the explosion occurred Wednesday night around 2.00 Moscow time. on one of the towers of high voltage transmission lines. According to the governor, explosive devices were installed on four towers, but it worked only on one, although it has not fallen and continues to operate. At this time, on-site operating engineers.

"The main thing is that, fortunately, did not work all the explosive devices, otherwise all four towers of high voltage transmission lines would have been destroyed. In the case of use of all explosive devices, the village would have been seriously damaged, and probably would have been the victim" - said Vardzelashvili, noting that the unknown used TNT.

According to him, the village Tsagvli located near the village, densely populated Ossetian population.

14 October 2009 | explosive, lap, media, ossetians, trial, undermining

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