Georgia declared a terrorist country, helping Al-Qaeda

Georgia Cpetssluzhby help emissaries of al-Qaeda terrorists in Chechnya to transfer and deliver weapons of Dagestan. According to the FSB, the former militants detained in the North Caucasus, were irrefutable evidence that they had close contact with emissaries of al-Qaida, and those in turn with the special services of Georgia, with the participation of whom were trained and movement of terrorists in territory of the Chechen Republic. Confirmed that serve audiootchety seized from the militants.

13 October 2009 | al-qaeda, georgia, special, terrorism

Actor films "The Godfather-3" and "The Untouchables" Andy Garcia will play Saakashvili in a film about the Georgian-South Ossetian war
Georgian media reported an attempt to undermine the four transmission lines in the east. Guilty called Ossetians

• Interior Ministry: Georgia prepares fighters for operations in SKFO Russia »»»
Russian Interior Ministry has data on the establishment of special camps on the territory of Georgia for training fighters.
• In Dagestan, was killed, "the ringleader spetsbatalona" which terrorists allegedly helped the Georgian special services »»»
The special operation in Makhachkala, the destruction of the militants has borne fruit.
• Moscow fears terrorists "Al-Qaida, poses as a Georgian »»»
The Russian authorities are confident that Georgia will not zasylat in Russia saboteurs, fear of “getting a good response.
• In Pankisi Wahhabism is preparing for war »»»
In the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia clashes supporters of traditional Islam and the Wahhabis.
• Georgia is ready to resort to terror against Russia »»»
In situations where limited (despite all the technological makeup of the West).