Actor films "The Godfather-3" and "The Untouchables" Andy Garcia will play Saakashvili in a film about the Georgian-South Ossetian war

Hollywood actor Andy Garcia was invited to one of the roles in the film about the war in South Ossetia, which was directed by "Cliffhanger" and "Strong nuts - 2" by Renny Harlin. According to unofficial information, Garcia could play the role of President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili. This is with reference to the television station Rustavi-2 "Interfax reported.

Andy Garcia is 11 years older than Saakashvili. Actor, born in Cuba, became famous for his roles in the films "The Godfather - 3", "The Untouchables", a trilogy about Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven and other paintings.

According to the Georgian television station, a film has already begun in Tsalka region of Georgia. They shoot battle scenes, taking part in the filming tanks and other heavy equipment. More project details are confidential.

It was reported earlier that the film will tell the story of American journalist and his operator, who find themselves on the territory of Georgia during the Georgian-South Ossetian war. Heroes have to choose between the profession and sympathies to the local population. Harlin argued that the film will not antirossiyskim, anti-Georgian and anti-American: he is anti-war.

8 October 2009 | andy garcia, georgian-south ossetian, play, role, saakashvili

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