U.S. will make Georgia a transit corridor for energy resources

Washington still intends to make Georgia one of the strategic energy transit routes to Europe. Participation of Georgia plans to reduce the "dependency" of Europe on Russian energy supplies, U.S. says positive.

U.S. still expects to turn Georgia into a strategic transit routes for energy supplies to Europe, bypassing Russia, the U.S. spokesman on energy issues in Eurasia, Richard Morningstar.

"We always keep in contact with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and other senior officials. They know that we strongly support Georgia's energy security" - was quoted by the publication EU Observer, the official, adding that Georgia "will become a transit country for shipments of Caucasus and Central Asia. "

"If you look at the situation four years ago, the European Union almost was not involved in energy issues in the Caucasus and Central Asia. In recent years the situation has changed dramatically. This is a positive development that will deliver to Europe, more resources," - commented Morningstar support for the EU energy projects, competing with Russia.

The American officer saw a direct relationship between the degree of involvement of U.S. and EU energy policy in the Caucasus and the level of "democracy" in countries of the region. U.S. representative also expressed doubts about the prospects for the implementation of Russia's gas pipeline project South Stream.

2 October 2009 | energy, georgia, nabucco, south stream, transit, usa

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