U.S. will continue to support the territorial integrity of Georgia, regardless of the conclusions of the EU Commission

In Washington state that regardless of the findings contained in the report of an independent commission to investigate the EU's conflict in the Caucasus, the U.S. position in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia will remain unchanged.

"We have always opposed and will continue to advocate for the sovereignty and independence of Georgia. And, of course, we support the territorial integrity of Georgia" - said in an interview with Interfax on Wednesday, Deputy Minister of Defense for International Security Affairs, Alexander Vershbow.

So he responded to a request for comment on Wednesday made public the report of the independent commission of the EU.

Alexander Vershbow also said that at present in Washington are studying the report. "Until the possibility to assess the full version of the report, it is premature to draw any conclusions", - he stressed.

"As far as I know from the news, dealing with the responsibility of both parties", - said Alexander Vershbow.

According to him, "what the report itself, you need to wait for the first reaction the U.S. State Department."

30 September 2009 | conclusions, eu commission, integrity, support

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