The New York Times became aware of some details of the report on the war in Georgia: Georgia accused of "starting a war, and Russia - that it" created the conditions for war "

The head of an independent mission, a veteran of diplomacy, Heidi Tagliavini, who for many years engaged in monitoring the conflicts in the Caucasus. The investigation was launched in December last year, and the results were planning to publish the first anniversary of the war, but the discovery of new evidence of submission of the report was postponed for two months.

Both sides of the August conflict, insisting that their actions were "defensive" in nature. Tbilisi justifies its actions need to ensure the integrity of the country and "stop the invasion of Russia, which, according to the Georgian version, started the day before the bombing of Tskhinvali. Moscow also argues that sought to protect its peacekeepers and citizens, as well as to prevent genocide.

Georgian Reintegration Minister Timur Yakobashvili believes that Russia is trying to bring the investigation to the question of who fired first. From his point of view, the evidence that Russia's army began to prepare for war in advance, "more than enough." Earlier, Minister once accused the two employees of the independent mission of pro trend, arguing that they work in organizations financed by Gazprom.

29 September 2009 | investigation, leakage, report, war

NATO again refused to Ukraine and Georgia into joining the alliance. "I do not meet the necessary criteria.
An independent international panel called Saakashvili regime responsible for the outbreak of conflict in the South Caucasus

• Georgia prepares for war with Russia »»»
Georgia has begun to prepare for war with Russia. This reflects the fact that the Chief of Joint Staff of Georgian Armed Forces.
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And Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, was speaking with angry accusations against Saakashvili, which are often personal in nature.
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On 8 August 2008, when Georgia was attacked in South Ossetia, was 4 days.
• The European Parliament acknowledged that Georgia attacked South Ossetia in August 2008 »»»
The European Parliament endorsed the main conclusions of the report of the International Independent Investigation Commission of the European Union.
• Putin gave an exclusive interview to the Georgian TV and educate Georgians about the war in South Ossetia, calling the main culprit of these tragic events. »»»
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reiterated that lays the blame for the recent events between Georgia and Russia on official Tbilisi.