NATO again refused to Ukraine and Georgia into joining the alliance. "I do not meet the necessary criteria.

Georgia and Ukraine "will be admitted to membership in NATO, which will meet the necessary criteria. , Said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, ITAR-TASS.

"While both Ukraine and Georgia do not meet the criteria set by NATO to replenish the ranks of the Alliance. We hope that in future the situation will change," - said the Secretary General, speaking at the Atlantic Council - one of the most influential think tanks, the United States.

29 September 2009 | alliance, denied, entry, nato

Europe chooses between Russia and Georgia
The New York Times became aware of some details of the report on the war in Georgia: Georgia accused of "starting a war, and Russia - that it" created the conditions for war "

• NATO not abandoned plans for Georgia and Ukraine into the alliance. »»»
NATO not abandoned plans for Georgia and Ukraine into the alliance.
• U.S.: The process of accession of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO will take years »»»
Georgia and Ukraine will not soon be able to join NATO.
• Military diplomats: if Georgia and Ukraine join NATO, Russia will withdraw from the CFE Treaty »»»
A senior military-diplomatic source in Moscow said that Russia will withdraw from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) in the case of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.
• Ukraine and Georgia join NATO when all conditions are met »»»
MOSCOW, February 8. In the position of NATO towards Ukraine after the Bucharest summit, nothing has changed.
• NATO: In Azerbaijan more likely to join than those of Georgia and Ukraine »»»
In Azerbaijan a better chance of joining NATO in the near future than in Georgia and Ukraine, writes EurasiaNet with reference to a source in the Joint Forces Command North Atlantic Alliance.