16 years ago fell Sukhumi

Since the fall of Sukhumi was 16 years. For 16 years on Sept. 27 on opposite sides of the Inguri point differently, said "GHN".
September 27, 1992 in Russia inspired the Georgian-Abkhaz history was the last, decisive battle, which resulted in the disarmed Georgian armed forces are no longer able to resist the armed Abkhaz separatists, North Caucasian mercenaries Cossack units and Sun Russia,

27 September 2009

Gori district of Georgia was invaded unknown to local residents aggressive worms
Europe chooses between Russia and Georgia

• Nogovitsyn: Georgia is preparing to attack Abkhazia »»»
Georgia is preparing to attack Abkhazia to capture Sukhumi. The company on Monday, Deputy Chief of General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn.
• Hostile textbooks. (Georgian students will learn to benefit "200 years of Russian occupation") »»»
With the new academic year in Georgian schools in addition to the usual history books will benefit “200 years of Russian occupation.
• Saakashvili considers the risk of a new war with Russia, the real »»»
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili told the BBC that he was ready to defend their country in the event of new military invasion from Russia, which he did not renounced its intention to overthrow him.
• Abkhazia broke away from Georgian Church »»»
Sukhumi-Abkhazian diocese out of the composition of the Georgian Orthodox Church, said the acting administrator of the diocese priest Bessarion Apliaa.
• Russia will not give Belarus credit for recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia »»»
Russia does not intend to thank Byelorussia money for the recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.