Gori district of Georgia was invaded unknown to local residents aggressive worms

Residents of several villages in the Gori district (eastern Georgia) shocked the invasion of worms of unknown origin. In the district administration to "Interfax" have confirmed this information, which circulated on Saturday, Georgian television.

How do I declare villagers, unheard worms appeared after several days of torrential rains. There are many, they are particularly active in the night and get into the house. "We are afraid to sleep, afraid to touch the objects. Worms penetrate everywhere, including in products. They have a nasty smell," - says one of the local residents.

In the Gori district of Tbilisi have already arrived specialists of the national veterinary services, food safety and plant protection. Place invasion of worms were processed with a special solution, but this measure proved ineffective. It was therefore decided to take a few specimens in Tbilisi and explore them in laboratory conditions.

26 September 2009 | georgia, invasion, worms

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