Georgian prisoners would be given annual leave. Their location will be recorded via satellite

Georgian prisoners would be granted leave, said the Minister of Corrections, probation and legal aid to Georgia Dmitri Shashkin.

According to him, the first three prisoners hold a three-day vacation at his home, and the Minister personally vouch for them. "We have now launched a pilot program to leave the prisoners, which will assist in the reintegration process, as we expect the reaction from the population," - he said.

To control the location of vacationers ministry will get special bracelets, a signal which will capture the satellite. It is now negotiating with several companies on this issue.

Holidays can get prisoners who cooperated with prison authorities, were of good behavior, to whom no complaints from the administration of the correctional institution. Under the law, a five-day vacation will be granted to men twice a year, and women - three times a year. Inmates who violate the conditions of leave and not returning in due time in detention will be required to pay a fine of 10 lari (about 6 thousand dollars).

15 September 2009 | annual, prisoners, vacation

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