Chanting Hitler's fascism, the site of the Georgian government

Disgust and abomination, but such feelings - that's what I feel for the Georgian government to put on its website materials that promote and glorify crimes of Hitler's fascism … Investigated the Georgia-Russia issue joint history - and now - narvalsya … Promoted the swastika, promotes the subversive group "Tamara", traitors, scum, who served in Hitler.

12 September 2009 | fascism

Georgia can take some Guantanamo detainees
In Poland flood of refugees from Georgia - 4 months seekers were asked to 3 thousand people

• Georgia went on carcasses »»»
To prove their status as the injured party, Georgia has spared neither alive nor dead: the many subversive groups, noticed on the border of Georgia with Russia, adding dozens of dead Georgian soldiers.
• Georgian saboteurs shelled villages of South Ossetia »»»
Georgian subversive and terrorist groups emerged in the border areas with Georgia, South Ossetia, said on Saturday MIA unrecognized republic.
• Little Georgians are taught to hate Russian »»»
With the new academic year in Georgian schools in addition to the usual history books will benefit “200 years of Russian occupation.
• Russia and Georgia have agreed to »»»
Held in Geneva, the international debate on the Caucasus have made the first concrete result - it was the alignment of proposals for mechanisms to prevent and resolve incidents.
• Georgia answered Kadyrov quote from Hitler »»»
Georgian TV found the answer to Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who in an interview with Western news agencies said that “Russia must destroy Georgia and Ukraine.