Georgia made a proposal to deprive Russia delegation of voting rights in PACE. The signatures have been collected

Georgian delegation made this week in the PACE delegation to the proposal to deprive Russia the right to vote at the forthcoming in late September, the autumn session of the Assembly, said the representative of the delegation of Georgia Giorgi Gabashvili.

"When exactly have I do not know, myself am on the meeting, but the head of the delegation of Georgia was supposed to make this week", - he said.

Gabashvili did not rule out that the proposal could happen today, that is, on Friday. "Maybe, and on Friday made, and maybe Thursday, but a decision on this matter had already been taken, the question remains of procedures" - he said.

Under the rules of PACE, to make proposals for discussion needs 20 signatures of parliamentarians.

12 September 2009 | deprive, offer, pace, signature, vote

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