'Sink Georgian vessels in the waters of Abkhazia is still Russia, namely, the FSB

For the protection of maritime borders of Abkhazia will be additionally allocated forces and resources the Coast Guard Border Guard Service of Russia. These measures are discussed on Tuesday the head of Frontier Vladimir Pronichev and Abkhaz President Sergei Bagapsh. Pronichev and Bagapsh was reminded that this decision was within the Agreement between Russia and Abkhazia on joint efforts in protecting the state border of Abkhazia, on 30 April. Previously Bagapsh has promised to sink Georgian ships, but without the help of Moscow.

"During the last Tuesday of the working meeting discussed the establishment of infrastructure for the border security of the Republic of Abkhazia, as well as measures to strengthen protection of the marine section of the state border of the Republic of Abkhazia in accordance with the Agreement between Russia and Abkhazia on joint efforts in protecting the state border of the Republic of Abkhazia", — noted in the announcement of the Public Relations Russia's FSB, which results in "Interfax".

9 September 2009 | federal security service, ships, stoke

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