Georgia dismissed the convicted Turkish capital

Georgia released after the intervention of Ankara Turkish tanker captain, who was convicted to 24 years in prison for the attempted importation of petroleum products in the breakaway Abkhazia from Georgia, said on Tuesday, the representative of the Georgian court.

Ship's captain "Bouquet" Mehmet Ozturk, was sentenced last week for violating the regime of economic blockade of the breakaway region.

"The ship's captain" Bouquet "was released in the courtroom. He was fined 30 000 lari ($ 18,000). The court decided not to return the ship and cargo to the Turkish owner. They remain in public ownership (Georgia)," - said the spokesman of Appeals court in the city of Kutaisi Khatuna Omanadze.

When the captain was one of the main issues during the meetings, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu with the Georgian authorities during his two-day visit to the country, which ended Tuesday.

8 September 2009 | captain, court, mehmet ozturk, tanker

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