In the match of Georgia-Italy Georgian national team defender Kaladze scored two goals in their gates

Two ball defender with an interval of 10 minutes should be considered an outstanding achievement, if not for one circumstance - both goals were scored an own goal! There is nothing surprising in the fact that the national team of Georgia in his field lost reigning world champion Italians with a score of 0:2.

6 September 2009 | double, own goal, two goals in their gates

Meshafon fined $ 600 000
A powerful earthquake of magnitude 8 points happened in Georgia and South Ossetia

• At the European football championship for the girls team defeated the Italian team of Georgia with a score of 27:0 »»»
At the European football championship for girls under the age of seventeen years, the Italian national team defeated Georgian contemporaries with a score of 27:0.
• Metaniya the Georgian national team »»»
The Georgian national team, declared intention to leave the Olympic Games and return home, however, remains in Beijing.
• SBU did not find irregularities in the supply of arms to Georgia »»»
Investigators from the Security Service of Ukraine in the investigation of a criminal case into the disclosure of state secrets have completed checking the circumstances of supply of goods for military use in Georgia.
• Interviews Saakashvili, "Financial Times": "Georgia - prozapadnaya country, but it has internal conflicts. In the opinion of Russia, it is ideal for exemplary punishment. " »»»
- The Georgian military were not ready for war? - No European country would be unable to resist the same number of Russian tanks on such a small space, as well as the entire Russian aviation.
• Saakashvili: Russia may at any time once again to attack Georgia »»»
Russia to achieve its goals at any moment can go to a new aggression against Georgia.