Meshafon fined $ 600 000

TBILISI, Sept. 4 - RIA Novosti. Georgian National Commission for Communications on Friday fined the company Russia's Megafon 1 million lari (about 600 thousand dollars) for alleged illegal activity on the territory, which Tbilisi considers occupied, the report said the commission.

Communications Commission accuses the "Megaphone" in violation "of the General Administrative Code of Georgia.

Tbilisi considers the occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, whose independence Russia recognized after Georgia's attack in August 2008 on Tskhinvali and the subsequent operation to force Georgia to peace.

This is not the first fine imposed on the "Megaphone" by the Georgian authorities in recent years. In 2008, the National Communications Commission fined twice "Megaphone" on 5 thousand lari, or 3570 dollars for activities in the territory of South Ossetia and a 50 thousand GEL or 35 700 dollars for work in Gori and Kvareli regions of Georgia. Then officials Megafon said that their company is in Georgia not working.

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