Georgian journalist asked for political asylum in South Ossetia

Georgian journalist Levan Gudadze with his family fled to South Ossetia and asked for political asylum. This was reported by his mother - Rosa Bichikashvili. According to the woman, her son is constantly threatened in connection with his professional activities.

According to the Interfax news agency, Gudadze crossed the administrative border with South Ossetia on September 3 and surrendered to troops at a border post near the village of Artsevi. Together with him are his mother, wife and two year old daughter. Gudadze with his family transferred to Tskhinvali. A journalist based in Tbilisi and conducted three informational site, which had been closed. According to his mother Gudadze, he called and kept sending threatening letters.

Soldiers what country surrendered Gudadze, and what kind of country he asked for political asylum - Russia or South Ossetia - not specified.

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