Georgian TV explained: in Saakashvili, not throwing his shoe, he's searching for Cinderella

The story of the shoe, which the Georgian president allegedly ran an unknown on the beach disco, gets all the new interpretations. Recall many Russia's media seize upon these images and spread this version: in the village of Ganmukhuri in western Georgia (on the border with Abkhazia) 30-year-old man threw a shoe at the head of the president. After throwing the man ran away, pursued him for the protection of Saakashvili and the police, he was caught and placed in the car. According to recent data, law enforcement officers severely beat the perpetrator of the incident.

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• Georgian botinkometatel ensnared in the head Saakashvili badly beaten by law enforcers »»»
Journalists continue to report the details of the incident to throw a shoe at the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.
• Saakashvili got his boot to the head »»»
Unknown on Sunday in the village of Ganmukhuri in western Georgia threw shoes at President Mikhail Saakashvili and hit in the head, reports the correspondent of THE VIEW in Tbilisi, with reference to the newspaper "Alia".
• Thrower's shoe in Saakashvili was put in prison for attempted murder - the opposition »»»
Secretary-General of the Movement for United Georgia, Eka Beselia said that the villagers Darcheli Jimsher Chapnadze.
• The situation in the abhazo-Georgian border has deteriorated again »»»
On Monday morning in western Georgia, two Georgian policemen wounded in anti-tank mine explosion on a bridge near the village of Hurcha Zugdidi district, transmits Interfax with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
• 'Sink Georgian vessels in the waters of Abkhazia is still Russia, namely, the FSB »»»
For the protection of maritime borders of Abkhazia will be additionally allocated forces and resources the Coast Guard Border Guard Service of Russia.