Everyone born and living in Russia should at least once to go to Beslan. Enter the former school number 1. Walk through the ring gym and look into the eyes of children in the photographs

Beslan - the only place in Russia, where the graduation ceremony is not a holiday, but an occasion for mourning. The day when graduates from across the country celebrate the end of the school in Beslan yesterday's students silently go to the cemetery, the burial place of their classmates. The cemetery is called the "City of Angels". There guys commemorate those who have never received a certificate of secondary education. The red and gold ribbon to print "graduate" carefully tied to the gravestones killed pupils of school № 1. In the sky start white balls. In 2008 the school was without its 16 graduates, and this year the white balls, flown away into the sky, was 13.

At the entrance to the "City of Angels" is a single storey building. It is always, at any time of day you can find a swarthy, balding and unshaven man forever. He was alert and talkative. A former customs official and now director of the cemetery Kaspolat Ramon lost his beloved daughter Marianne, who at the time of the attack was fifteen. Saved son, the youngest daughter and wife.

"This is the most famous cemetery in the whole country. By the way, do not call this place a cemetery. It - City of Angels. I thought the name … My youngest daughter Diana was saved by a miracle.'s Wife and son, Irbek, captured the son was seriously injured, but has recovered, is a student, wants to become a soldier. Marianne died in the assault. son was only eight. As a senior, Marianna always worried for him, so at the time of capture was near him, to protect … When terrorists have imposed restrictions on water daughter get water in the shower and brought the mother in the mouth. This is my daughter was …. My life stopped in 2004? m, the third of September. I do not go to someone else's wedding - hurt. I think it is a sin - have fun , while Marianne no more. "

3 September 2009 | beslan, children, crime, ossetia, terror

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