Georgian botinkometatel ensnared in the head Saakashvili badly beaten by law enforcers

Journalists continue to report the details of the incident to throw a shoe at the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. As wrote in the Wednesday newspaper "Sight" after the incident botinkometatelya severely beaten.

Earlier it was reported that on Sunday in the village of Ganmukhuri in western Georgia unknown threw a shoe at Saakashvili. Boot landed in the head to the president. Saakashvili gave an interview to this point, and the incident, according to witnesses, was filmed by several TV channels. Personnel of this scene was not shown, the Saakashvili administration says that the incident was not.

Locals say that the shoes threw a 30-year-old man, he does not live in the village of Ganmukhuri. Media, referring to local residents, on Wednesday wrote that botinkometatel was not a resident of this village. Brutally beaten and then services, law enforcement, they said. His personality has not been established.

2 September 2009 | beaten, botinkometatel, brutally, law enforcers, saakashvili

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