In Yerevan from Tbilisi denies reports of shootings on the border of Georgia and Armenia

National Security Service of Armenia has denied widespread in the environment information of Georgian media about a shoot on the Armenian-Georgian border.

"This information does not correspond to reality, on the Armenian-Georgian border, no incidents have been recorded," - told Interfax on Wednesday, Press Officer of the NSC.

Earlier Wednesday, Georgian television station Imedi reported that three Georgian border guards were killed in the Georgian-Armenian border. According to the channel, between the two countries border the incident occurred.

2 September 2009 | border intsindent, refutation

Putin gave an exclusive interview to the Georgian TV and educate Georgians about the war in South Ossetia, calling the main culprit of these tragic events.
Georgian botinkometatel ensnared in the head Saakashvili badly beaten by law enforcers

• The situation in the abhazo-Georgian border has deteriorated again »»»
On Monday morning in western Georgia, two Georgian policemen wounded in anti-tank mine explosion on a bridge near the village of Hurcha Zugdidi district, transmits Interfax with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
• The Polish special services: Georgians staged a border incident »»»
Sunday shooting incidents near the car of President Lech Kaczynski of Poland in Georgia gave themselves the Georgians.
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TV Company “Imedi” on Saturday night recording broadcast fake “special report on the possible developments in Georgia if Russia’s intervention.
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Two strong explosions occurred in Tbilisi on Sunday night, the agency Novosti-Georgia, with reference to Imedi.
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Roman Abramovich intends to buy Georgian TV Imedi, as well as a football club “Dynamo” (Tbilisi) and located in the capital of Georgia hypermarket Goodwill.