Resident of Abkhazia was sentenced to 19 years in prison for spying for Georgia

Supreme Court of Abkhazia was found guilty of spying for Georgia's 40-year resident of the Republic of Diana Shedaniya (Aseyev) and sentenced her to 19 years in prison.

According to the investigation, during her detention in September 2008 by members of the Abkhaz State Security was removed camera, which "kept the photo and video installations of the Ministry of Defense of Abkhazia. The investigation revealed that D. Shedaniya was recruited by Georgian intelligence officer Kakhaber Kvaratskhelia.

Convicted, according to the Abkhaz security services "to collect information and perform the photographic locations of military units, border posts on the Georgian-Abkhaz border, duty stations, border flotilla of ships and a tank battalion and other military installations, ammunition depots, storage of fuels and lubricants and various kinds military equipment, operated by the Abkhaz army. "

1 September 2009 | 19, diana shedaniya, spying

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