Colonel RF received 6 years in prison for spying for Georgia

North Caucasus District Military Court sentenced Colonel Russia's army of Michael Khachidze to 6 years of colony. He was convicted of treason in favor of Georgia. The court also stripped him of his rank of lieutenant colonel.

According to the court, M. Khachidze in the period from June to July 2008. passed by the Georgian special services through the Internet information of military nature, many of whom are state secrets.

When sentencing, the court took into account several mitigating circumstances: the presence of small children, his cooperation with the investigation, repentance and confession of guilt.

Earlier, Russia's Federal Security Service detained several officers of Russia, recruited by special services of Georgia. As reported then in the center of public relations of the FSB of Russia, "Georgian secret services use all available means and ways to recruit Russia's military, in particular an embarrassing situation for relatives of military personnel living in Georgia."

As an example, the Office led an attempt to recruit Colonel I. Kurshubadze. Russia soldier was in Georgia on private business with relatives. "With the departure of the Georgian staff of the Georgian special services he was made a direct proposal to recruit to work against Russia. Serviceman rejected that proposal, - told the FSB. - Then the officers of the Georgian special services have become an obstacle to his return to Russia, declined to return, did not let it through border, deliberately damaging the passport and threatened relatives.

28 August 2009 | colonel, court, georgia, khachidze, spying

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