Georgia threatens to disrupt the Olympic Games in Sochi

"After Russia's aggression in Georgia has become a priority issue for the 2014 Olympics are not held in Sochi," - said today the Chairman of the Georgian Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations Akaki Minashvili. According Minashvili, the Georgian side in its quest to disrupt the Olympic Games in Sochi is actively engaged with the international community. Meanwhile, as experts expect, the "international community", to advise Georgia to get rid of the Olympic complex. In his speech Minashvili referred to "international organization of democratic states", which should boycott "of the Olympics." Experts note "strange love" Georgia for the Olympics. Recall, it was August 8, 2008 - the day of the Olympics in Beijing - the war broke out in South Ossetia.

25 August 2009 | olympics, pluck, threaten

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• Georgia wants to pick Sochi itself »»»
Georgia should enhance the presentation of territorial claims in the UN and to begin consideration of the supplies the city of Sochi Georgia.
• U.S., EU and Georgia want to disrupt the Olympics in Sochi »»»
The more money will be allocated to development of Olympic facilities in Sochi, the more determined to be of the Russian Federation in relation to the Russian resort of neighboring Republic of Abkhazia.
• The U.S. Congress has begun to harm "Sochi-2014" »»»
A group of ten American Congressmen introduced in the House of Representatives of the U.
• Putin's proposal for the Memorial of Glory in Tbilisi estimated as a provocation »»»
The proposal of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to establish a memorial destroyed in Kutaisi Fame in Moscow, Georgian MPs regard as another provocation.
• The Georgian parliament will consider options for the breakdown Olympics 2014 in Sochi »»»
Parliament of Georgia next week will consider an analogy between the Olympic games in Sochi and Moscow Olympics in 1980.