Statement by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia that Georgian troops are preparing for another war with Russia caused a stir in Washington

From the material of the agency that had appeared on August 21 indicated that the Minister declared that the skills acquired by the Georgian military from the American instructors for effective participation in the Afghan campaign, may be used in a very difficult security situation in the country. " In the correspondent's question whether it is "possible to re war with Russia," Mr. Sikharulidze said quite clearly: "In general, yes." This statement by the Minister caused a stir in Washington, where he repeatedly stressed that the dispatch of U.S. Marines in Georgia has a single purpose - to prepare the military of this country to participate in the operation of the multinational forces in Afghanistan.

24 August 2009 | battalion, corresponding, georgian, interview, part, sikharulidze

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• The Georgian military will maintain the stability of the French and American sectors of Afghanistan »»»
Georgia is ready to further contribute to the issue of global security and to send troops to Afghanistan, despite the existing external security threats.
• The U.S. stationed military forces in Georgia »»»
The U.S. has the intention to deploy military forces in Georgia.
• Georgia has proposed to NATO aircraft sky, and the coalition - of their soldiers »»»
Tbilisi suggests NATO use its territory as one of alternative ways to continue the peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan, “said the head of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia David Sikharulidze.
• American instructors re-drill the Georgian soldiers, resuming a training program. »»»
The United States renewed a program of training Georgian soldiers.
Former Foreign Minister of USSR and ex-Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze on Monday called for an immediate withdrawal of the NATO operation in Afghanistan.