At the end of the war with Georgia in the Russian generals, 12 were awarded the Order of St. George, in the history of Russia - all 4

Still, returning to the memorable jubilee, to the Georgian war, I want to sum up a year later. The first result of a year later is probably the fact that this is the greatest war ever fought Russia. I would like to prove it is documented. The fact that the outcome of the war with Georgia, we have 12 generals, were awarded the Order of St. George. I am a specially drawn up, that the Order of St. George, the highest in the Russian empire, for all time of existence of the Order of the Order of first-degree awarded 25 people, and the full companion of St. George were only 4 people - Field Marshal Kutuzov, Field Marshal Barclay de Tolly, Paskevich and Dibich-Zabalkansky. You know, only four all-time existence of the Russian Empire. And much as 12 during the war in South Ossetia.

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15 August 2009 | field marshal, generals, kutuzov, order of st. george, rewarding, war

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In Georgia, the Russian was detained for "illegal entry into the Tskhinvali region"

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