Apple v. noodles

Activists of the St. Petersburg "Youth Yabloko" held an action "First Channel - The Ministry of Truth." The event took place in the form of flash Moba, which came to the mission "First Channel" on Nevsky Prospect, 41 (Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace), and staged a public eating noodles quick cooking, thus symbolizing the "noodles", which "feed" the audience "first channel.

The action was on released on the "First Channel" a film about the events in the Caucasus, one-year-old "08.08.08. The war on the air." In this film, in particular, were shown photos allegedly made in Iraq, one American journalist. In so doing, rejected pictures bombed Gori, which the American called false. Later it was found that the film shown in the photographs were not taken in Iraq, as in Georgia spetskorom "Novaya Gazeta" Arkady Babchenko.

According to Yabloko action without any arrests, but law enforcement officers conduct themselves with respect to the shares fairly aggressively - to disrupt the plates with lids, and warned of possible arrest. The same threat was voiced to the journalists: before the stock one of the policemen went to the media gathered to cover the event, questioned documents, and warned that if they join poedatelyam noodles, you will be arrested.

14 August 2009 | apple, first channel, flash mob, georgia

American instructors re-drill the Georgian soldiers, resuming a training program.
At the end of the war with Georgia in the Russian generals, 12 were awarded the Order of St. George, in the history of Russia - all 4

• Hollywood film shoots in Tbilisi about the war with Russia »»»
Georgia and Russia still argue that actually happened during the war in August 2008.
• In Donetsk, has already beaten Georgians, "roughly speaking to the Georgia" »»»
Bloc Tymoshenko beating members of the electoral headquarters of the presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych, two journalists of the Georgian TV channel Imedi.
• Chairman of the UN General Assembly threatened to kill »»»
Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and the UN Security Service began a joint investigation into the threats received by the President of the UN General Assembly Miguel d’Eskoto Brokmana.
• The new cycle of scandal "Imedi". Statement by George Arveladze. »»»
Director General of the Georgian TV Company “Imedi” George Arveladze, gave another statement.
• Georgian botinkometatel ensnared in the head Saakashvili badly beaten by law enforcers »»»
Journalists continue to report the details of the incident to throw a shoe at the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.