Suffered during the Russo-Georgian war in Gori Dutchman applied to Russia in European Court

Korrespondent Dutch television RTL Yerun Akkermans, wounded in the leg during last year's Russian-Georgian war, Russia filed for a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.

Akkermansa colleague, cameraman Stan Storimans, then was fatally shot.

Television Unit came under fire August 12, 2008. According to Akkermansa, close to them killed several civilians.

11 August, Georgian troops left the city and went to Tbilisi, and then stayed in Gori, only civilians.

August 25, the Dutch government sent to the scene his own investigation team.

After pathoanatomical research and gathering eyewitness accounts, the Dutch committee concluded that Storimans was killed "ordnance missiles, which are only in Russia's military arsenal, namely the explosion of a cluster warheads of tactical missiles SS-26 (" Iskander ").

12 August 2009 | akkermans, court, storimans, war

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