Georgian blogger cyxymu, which hit attack on Twitter, LiveJournal and Facebook, has become a star and wrote a letter to Medvedev

Georgian blogger cyxymu, attack by a few days ago brought Twitter, LiveJournal and Facebook, has become the hero of the western media - he gives interview to a leading European and American publishing.

"I am pleased to not happen … but it was good that I became famous" - blogger said in an interview with Los Angeles Times. "I think even Obama knows about me, because he likes to read online news."

Publication of BBC reports that the blog's author has also sent an open letter to President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with a request to find the perpetrators of the attack: "Your special ability to identify people who organized the attack," - wrote cyxymu.

11 August 2009 | attack, blogger, cyxymu, facebook, letter, livejournal, medvedev, twitter

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