Information warfare - a year later

One year after the start of a five-day war, you can repeat what was said then - Russia has lost on the information front, winning in real life. It is a shame - but there's nothing wrong in that I personally do not see - you can remember the Great Patriotic, during which the Soviet Union is seriously inferior not only to the enemy propaganda machine, but also allies. Concede as much, until now for the Western minds heroic Americans won the war with little support poteshnye Englishmen and Frenchmen. You may remember Afghanistan - totally lost in cyberspace. And Chechnya - both first and second.

One of the biggest mistakes of the past year was to try to show the western civilized inhabitant Russia, one of the world leaders. Man in the street was to hiccup intimidated vytaschennymi storehouses of images oskalennogo bear in ushanke and nuclear balalaika napereves, Putin's jacket and other combat matreshek - and because European deal seemed, to put it mildly dissonant. No matter how trite it may sound - but in war all means are good, and information warfare gives substantially more operating space. A Churkin at the next meeting of the UN Security Council, in strict protective jacket - this would be a major application for the win. Images used by the enemy against you - you can safely use it. Information aikido if you want.

7 August 2009 | 08.08.08, information warfare, saakashvili, tskhinval

In the center of Tbilisi defiled the main symbol of Russia. Careers flag burning Georgian television broadcast.
[08.08.08] Today - anniversary of the beginning of the beginning of the Georgian-Russian military conflict

• Russia promises to veto a draft UN Security Council resolution if there is a reference to the integrity of Georgia »»»
Russia will use the veto if the draft resolution the UN Security Council with reference to the territorial integrity of Georgia will be put to a vote.
• Politics in the Caucasus: "Poison preferred drug" »»»
Ignoring the partners of Russia in the Security Council the new realities in the Caucasus has forced Moscow to be a veto of UN draft resolution on the temporary extension of the mandate of the UN mission in Georgia and Abkhazia.
• Georgia's information warfare - Die Presse »»»
Published at Tbilisi English-language magazine Weekly Georgian Journal was released in November 2009 with the image on the cover of Russia’s soldiers guarding the four Georgian teenagers.
• "In Europe and the United States, the world still does not stop," - Putin added in an interview with German TV »»»
Replying to a question on the application of Russia military forces in Georgia, Putin said: “We have that, can not protect the lives of its citizens there?
• Russia was not ready for an information war »»»
Calculation Saakashvili was unfortunately true: by the time of the bombing of Tskhinvali, not only Western man in the street, but also the expert community has long been convinced that the Caucasus has no unrecognized republics, but there is a conflict “aggressive” Russia with Georgia.