A citizen of Russia spied on Georgia with the camera in the car radiator

The Supreme Court of North Ossetia, took up the case against a citizen of Russia, who by the order of the Georgian secret services in Russia to collect sensitive information. This information related to State secrets, told Friday's press-service of the Prosecutor's Office. That was reported by Interfax. "

According to the preliminary inquiry, citizen H. recruited fellow Georgian special services. To receive and store classified information officers of Georgia established a special in-car equipment for the defendant concealed video. The camera lens was built into the grille the car.

During the performance of tasks citizen H. received remuneration. In June 2008, its operations were foiled by staff of the Office of the Federal Security Service in North Ossetia.

The criminal case against the accused is considering a bench of three judges of the Supreme Court of North Ossetia. The prosecution of the case supports gosobviniteley group, headed by Attorney Herman Stadler.

7 August 2009 | georgia, spying

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North Caucasus District Military Court sentenced Colonel Russia's army of Michael Khachidze to 6 years of colony.
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On Friday, January 29, the Tbilisi City Court has recognized political analyst Vakhtang Maisa guilty of spying for Russia, and sentenced him to 20 years in prison.
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A senior officer of the Russian army, the native of Georgia, Mikhail Khachidze detained in the Stavropol region on suspicion of espionage in favor of Georgia, said the FSB Public Relations Center of the Russian Federation.
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