Georgia submitted a report on the war in South Ossetia

The Government of Georgia submitted a 190-page "Statement in relation to full-scale Russian aggression carried out against Georgia, reported IA" News-Georgia ". Presentation of the report took place on the evening of August 6, at the Hotel Courtyard Marriott in Tbilisi.

The report, published in book form and published in Georgian and English languages, including, among others, and materials, which was withdrawn by the classification "Secret". The book is divided into nine chapters, and published the application in the form of a CD-ROM, which contains audio and video materials related to the conflict. Among other data on a disc recorded radio intercepted Russian military, previously classified.

At present the book as transfers "Georgia Online", was attended by Georgian ministers and MPs, as well as, according to the Georgian agency GHN, foreign diplomats and public figures. In addition to the book itself, were represented at the presentation of fragments of Russian missiles used during the war.

The report was prepared by several ministries, but the note of the Ministry of Reintegration, headed by Temur Yakobashvili. As the leader of the Caucasian GHN Center for Strategic Studies Mamuka Areshidze, the book should be published and in Russian. "One side must know that the other party thinks about the events of last August, and what it has materials", - quotes the words of his agency.

According to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze, which cites GHN, publishing secret documents "confirmed that Georgia tried initially to avoid war, but because of the outbreak of the Russian intervention has not been able to stick to their plans."

In the book, according to the GHN, says that during the war in South Ossetia killed 412 people, including 170 soldiers and 228 civilians. 1747 people wounded, another 24 people missing. Earlier, in September 2008, Georgian authorities reported 326 killed, 2234 wounded and 14 missing from the Georgian side.

According to the GHN, August 7, the Georgian parliament will hold an extraordinary meeting at which the war in South Ossetia will be given a political assessment.

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