Chat for local networks and houses

Server chat MyChat 4 for corporate and municipal networks
In light of the new version of the chat MyChat 4. The product developed by Network Software Solutions - the developer of network software.
This is a professional chat for local and corporate networks. The chat works in networks of any complexity. This is possible thanks to client-server technology and the use of TCP / IP. On the chat is easy to operate, but are not required to configure any additional knowledge. Customer MyChat after installing their own will find all the available server in the network. The program combines the functionality of a good way of such solutions as a platform IRC Linux, and convenience of popular products for Windows.
In MyChat you can use two types of communication: rooms (channels), and privatization. Rooms - public or private channels password. All users will be able to create a list of contacts in a convenient form for yourself and send a message to all people, not depending on whether they are connected to the server or not. It follows that IM necessarily deliver messages to users who are online or off.
Thanks to the paging system you can send messages to the group or to selected users. There is a possibility to request confirmation of the warning read. Including the spell checker can be freely without error messages, and customizable, and training systems antimat antiflud guaranteed and will order in the chat.
To adjust the rights of all users under their own needs, use a flexible system of administration.
Is there a way to free exchange of files and folders between users. For my taste, you can customize the look of the chat: all kinds of skins (skins), avatars, emoticons sets, background images and colors, as well as audio themes.
Integration into the server MyChat script-language ensures the automation of various actions and interactions with third-party applications.

Trial version for 30 days can be downloaded from

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4 August 2009 | chat network, communication, im, program, program office

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