Dorenko warned Ukraine and Georgia: Russia will restore the empire.

Ukraine and Georgia should refrain from targeting the U.S. and realize that Russia will sooner or later will restore the empire.

The statement was made by a Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko.

"I say this, Ukrainians, Georgians: at some point you will come to the window, the window you'll see us. I love American culture, love the Americans. But you'll see us. Let us now do not behave well, so that was shameful. Let us understand that we are still together. You can flirt, iznevestilis everything. It will end so that you'll see us in the box "- he said during a conference at the editorial" Arguments and Facts. "

"I want to, as the Chinese say 400 years: to restore the glory of Han empire. I say: to restore the glory of the Soviet Union. And answer: yes, restore, where we denemsya?" - Dorenko said.

Significantly, he also said that it did not consider themselves Ukrainians: according to Dorenko, he has more of Romanian descent, and the journalist wanted to change the name on Doresku, but against it by relatives.

4 August 2009 | dorenko, empire, georgia, ukraine

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