Saakashvili: Russia still wants me to overthrow the

President Mikhail Saakashvili said that Georgia realizes that she will not be able to force Russia to return supported the rebel region, but fears that Moscow harbors plans against Tbilisi.

In an interview with Reuters, this year after the war with Russia, Saakashvili asserted that the world did not call on Russia to account for 'massive ethnic cleansing' of Georgians that have taken place in South Ossetia during the conflict, fearing to jeopardize energy and trade interests.

According to Saakashvili, that he keep his job - 'almost a miracle'. The President is convinced that, while a new war can be avoided by Russia, whose troops are in 50 kilometers from the Georgian capital, leaves no hope of his overthrow.

'I was still sitting in this room, though (Prime Minister Vladimir) Putin promised to seriously hang me for different parts of the body and crush the Georgian state', - said Saakashvili.

'… in many ways it continues to set a goal that can not but cause alarm '.

Last August, Russia otbila attack by Georgians in South Ossetia and sent tanks on Georgian territory, thereby undermining the credibility of the West to go through the South Caucasus routes of transporting oil and gas.

3 August 2009 | saakashvili

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