Deserter in Georgia Dmitry Artemiev: "I am not a traitor. If I were to-human, I would not run away"

In July, a list of Russian deserters who fled from South Ossetia in Georgia, added: Private Term of service of Russian Federation Dmitry Artemiev left a military unit in the village carried in arms, and appealed to the authorities of Georgia has requested political asylum. At home Artemyeva waiting for ten years in prison in Tbilisi - the refugee status and higher education. Spetskorrespondent PH "Kommersant" Olga Allenova Artemiev met the ordinary and find out why he became a deserter.

Excerpts from the article:

- Father generals some promised that if I return, I was transferred to another part, - said Dima .- I think they were cheated. The Russian army was not the case, there discipline. There always punished. But I do not know why his father did not understand. He knows our military.

My mother stayed with her son at night, sleep in the apartment, which he removes the Office for Refugees at the United Nations and which, together with Dima live another two members of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also returned to Russia.

As a mother of Vladimir mother told reporters that his son kept by force, and not released to their home country. And that his inflated drug. Dima believed that my mother said so on purpose.

- She just wants me back. No I do not inflate. I am normal.

- Are you an athlete?

- I do boxing.

- Why did you not able to stand up for yourself when you are beaten?

- If I answered, they would collect all the company, that all I was beaten.

- Since you are already?

- No, but I know how it happens. I have seen in uchebke in the carpet. And in Vladikavkaz in part.

- Do you know what you beaten?

- I know. On the first day of Tshinvale we were sitting with the guys, and I asked why they sent us in Tskhinval. This is not Russia. We also called for Russia to defend. And we stand in Tshinvale, and our task is not to miss the Georgians. I just asked. But someone told commanders. Then I began to beat.

- When we arrived in Tskhinvali, me and my boys from the company distributed to razvedbat - remembers former soldier .- we stood in Tshinvale, but on 10 June we sent to the translation, the outpost. We said that we go for a week, and prostoyali there three weeks. With a just suhpay, we ate a long time. The meat was not, sometimes boiled porridge. When realized that stuck a long time, the lieutenant ordered us to catch frogs and snakes. We have a number of field and river. We caught them and boiled soup. So I'm not hungry.

Every night of the shooting was carried. Dima quickly accustomed to it, and even rejoiced: when fired, no one beat.

- Initially, it was unusual, standing in the patrol, suddenly shoot like from our side. Undermined, grabs for the machine. But our officers were told that Ossetins shoot, do not yank. And then when the shot - I was already on Figo.

Dimu in part, several people were beaten. The lieutenant, whose name he could not remember which "rarely beat." Junior Sergeant Mamontov, who was quiet and the beat sometimes. " And Junior Sergeant Valeev, which beat every other day.

- Valeev through the day was on duty on the company. And all the time, then shook, then beat. Kachan - wring out well, forced. Every night we went to wear on three hours sleep, and he walked through the day.

- And as he beat you?

- For a variety of ways. Automatic, hands, legs.

- Are you someone talked about this?

- Yes they spit on us. And if you say, then everything will be hit. I have seen in the carpet, that if zhalueshsya, it is even worse. In the army as always - find one and beat.

- Apart from you who else they beat?

- Yes, cook. During that ill-prepared.

29 July 2009 | deserter, dmitry artemiev, not a traitor

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