Ukraine recognizes that continues to supply weapons to Georgia. January decree Medvedev on which such suppliers should apply sanctions, Russian officials have been slow to comply

At the request Vedomosti, known whether the FS in the PTS of the statements Bondarchuk and whether to propose any sanctions against the "Ukrspetsexport", in FS GCV in two weeks is not answered. In the "Ukrspetsexport of the comments given. According to the manager of one of the Russian defense industry, the sanctions against the "Ukrspetsexport no and he continues to work actively with the Russian partners. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (for which also purchased weapons abroad) have refused to comment, citing privacy, to receive comments Georgian Defense Ministry failed.

After last year's August war western suppliers are afraid to sell weapons of Georgia, despite the requests of its President Mikhail Saakashvili, says the scientific editor of Arms Exports "Mikhail Barabanov. But Ukraine supplied arms and indeed after the war, at the conclusion of contracts signed in early 2008, putting an additional 20 T-72B, and probably a few dozen BTR-70DI and anti-tank missiles "Combat." A second well-known supplier - Turkey on the prisoner before the war, Georgia has a contract until 70 BTR's own development Ejder. Several items were delivered before the war and the Georgian army has managed to catch away unopened out of Gori, before the arrival of Russian troops, said the expert.

The sanctions against Ukraine for the supply in Georgia is extremely unlikely, said Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Ruslan Pukhov. And the more they will not be subjected to only critical for the Russian army and the PTS Zaporizke company "Motor Sich", since it is a monopoly on the supply of indispensable engines for helicopters, which nekem replaced, said Pukhov.

29 July 2009 | delivery, do not perform, sanctions, weapons

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