Medvedev predict improvement in relations with Georgia and Ukraine

Relations between Russia and Georgia, and Ukraine will be restored on a new basis, taking into account the realities prevailing in the recent past. This was in the television "Conversations with the President" Dmitry Medvedev said. The program, devoted to the current foreign policy of Russia, will be aired at 19:00 on 26 July on the NTV television channel, but its transcript is already available on the website of Russia's President.

Speaking of Georgia, which is now "almost non-existent inter-state relations," Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia "has a long-standing and historically a very warm attitude towards the Georgian people, with whom we, as they say, were fire, water and copper pipes" . "Regimes like Saakashvili, they come and go, but feelings between the peoples remain. And I am confident that over time, our relations will be restored on a new basis, taking into account the realities that exist, and in the light of the tragic pages, which These relations have been for the last time "- said the Russian leader.

Referring to Ukraine, the president acknowledged that in recent years, relations between countries have become difficult. "At the same time, from this relationship very much depends, because we have very close state, a sister, as to say, the people and the economy is very closely related. And, of course, we expect that these relations in the future will be better than it is now significantly better, "- he said.

Separately, Medvedev referred to the involvement of States in any international military alliances and blocs, in particular the desire of Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO. "Our position is simple: we do not feel right zataskivat any state in the political-military alliance against the will of their peoples", - said Russian President. In the case of Ukraine, Medvedev suggested that the authorities of the country hold a referendum on joining the North Atlantic Alliance, which means that such a step was "at least a legitimate basis."

With respect to Georgia, Medvedev told the leadership of NATO's thinking, "Why the State Alliance, which has a number of problems?" According to the head of state, recently Ukraine, Georgia and NATO realized that are not yet ready to join.

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