Georgians - the first nation in which the Soviet Union is dead once and for all - Saakashvili

The President of Georgia, speaking at the Tbilisi racecourse before the young people, said that "Georgians - is the first nation in which the Soviet Union is dead once and for all, and which first liberated from the old trouble." How to write, this happened during a meeting with the Georgian leader of U.S. Vice-President Joseph Baydenom.

Saakashvili also said that "Putin - not Stalin." Rashvaliv Georgia and personally, Saakashvili expressed his confidence that "Russian bored by all this, our society better than their non-free society, and that is why the Russian broke to our tanks."

First of all, arriving at the racecourse Tbilisi, Georgian President sat on the ground and told surrounding his youth, that "ran away from Biden, who" did not want to leave. "

Next, Saakashvili said that Georgia's youth can not be defeated, although the Russians a lot of tanks, a lot of drunken soldiers, many soldiers who fled to Georgia, which Putin has vowed to destroy the world, as promised to hold me not quite sterile and not a medical procedure. "

"These soldiers are running here, and when the Russian soldiers to vote with their feet for the future of Georgia, it means that our cause is not hopeless" - said Saakashvili.

As reported by the "New Region", visit U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden was in Georgia recently. During the visit, Biden Saakashvili promised that the U.S. will always support Georgia.

Saakashvili has managed to thank the United States "for his many years of support for the people of Georgia for supporting the country's territorial integrity." Saakashvili also awarded the highest civilian award Baydenu Georgia - The Order of St. George.

24 July 2009 | saakashvili, soetsky union, ussr

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