United States are beginning to prepare Viktor Yushchenko and Mikheil Saakashvili to the resignation of

Vice President Joe Biden yesterday began his tour of Ukraine and Georgia, which must balance the recent visit of President Barack Obama in Moscow. The main purpose of the visit of Mr. Biden - to prepare the upcoming change of power in the two republics closer to the probable successor of current presidents of Ukraine and Georgia, and, apparently, to persuade the last to leave quietly. According to the words of Vice-President Adviser Tony Blink, current leaders must be prepared to take difficult decisions. " In anticipation of this development is already yesterday evening Mikhail Saakashvili went to the counter: speaking in Parliament, he said that will not leave his post until 2013, and at the same time accused the United States that they went on about Russia and buried plans to take in Georgia NATO.

Vice President Joe Biden flew to Kiev last night, but all the important political meetings begin today and continue until Thursday, when it fly away from Tbilisi. In the American administration in advance of that visit, did not conceal that its meaning - to balance the situation in the former Soviet Union after the recent arrival of Barack Obama in Moscow. And in Kiev, and Tbilisi, Joe Biden has repeatedly stress that the United States opposes any zones of influence and areas of interest, but "reboot" in relations with Moscow, does not mean that Washington is willing to sacrifice its warm relations with Georgia or Ukraine.

21 July 2009 | biden, saakashvili, yushchenko

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