In Tbilisi argue that deployed to Abkhazia, Russian military and journalists, and wait for provocation

Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Paata Davitaia argues that Russia has increased its military presence in the territory of Abkhazia.

"On the eve of Abkhazia have been introduced to thousands of Russian troops and army special forces, the military base at Gudauta profit bomber Tu-22 and three Su-25", - told journalists on Saturday Davitaia.

According to him, arrived in Abkhazia and a large group of Russian journalists in Sukhumi, which is arranged media center.

"Everything happens for the same scenario as in August last year in the Tskhinvali region, where a few days before the start of military action in Tskhinvali, Russian journalists arrived," - said P. Davitaia.

He believes that in the next few days' wait provocation of Russian and Abkhaz sides. " "I conveyed to my existing intelligence representatives, located in Tbilisi, the troika of European Union", - added P. Davitaia.

Interfax does not have a comment to the information from the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Abkhaz side.

18 July 2009 | journalists, military, provocation, tbilisi

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