Parliament of Georgia: "Russian - it is a good language, but the Georgian teleprostranstve it unfairly dominates

One of the leaders of the parliamentary majority of Georgia Giorgi Gabashvili believes that the Russian language "unfair" to dominate the Georgian TV space.

"Russian is a good language, but the Georgian teleprostranstve it unfairly dominates," - he said Saturday during an extraordinary session of parliament. Deputies saw the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia on the display of foreign art, documentary and animated films in cinemas and on TV in its original language without translation, but with the Georgian subtitles.

According to G. Gabashvili, unfairly dominated by Russian language as foreign films in the Georgian teleprostranstve often go to the Russian translation.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary opposition calls the initiative Minkulta attempt to forcibly compel people to learn foreign languages.

According to the deputies of the parliamentary opposition, watching movies without subtitles translation will be a problem not only for people with poor eyesight.

The representative of the opposition faction "Christian Democrats" Magda Anikashvili also emerged during the debate, pointed to the fact that in Georgia there are professionals who express foreign films into the Georgian language, and new legislation should not interfere with them.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Parliament David Bakradze appealed to MPs from the opposition "not to create a tragedy" because of the bill.

According to him, a decision is pending, and discussions continue.

11 July 2009 | dominate, great and mighty, unfair

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