Russia was hit by three of the six aircraft in their war with Georgia.

During the August war over South Ossetia Air Force Russia lost six or seven aircraft, three of which are considered by experts the magazine Moscow Defence Brief, had been shot down by "friendly fire". "During the fighting killed four Russian crew members. Because the two lost planes were shot down reliably fire the enemy, three aircraft, for sure -" friendly fire. "Define who knocked down another, it is difficult," - says the report, the full version which will be published tomorrow. All this, according to analysts, shows a "serious problem" with the coordination and management of Russian troops.

The five-day war between Russia and Georgia, still raises questions among military analysts, pointing to discrepancies in official data on losses. Tbilisi claims that its air defense shot down 15 Russian fighter jets.

8 July 2009 | 3 fighters, deprived, fire, friendly, war

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Georgian Air Force Commander Colonel David Nairashvili stated that the April 20, Georgian drone aircraft was shot down by Russian intelligence fighter MiG-29.
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The Ministry of Defense denied that sets defense of Georgia, sbivshie in South Ossetia four Russian aircraft were serviced by Ukrainian military, said agency Interfax on 13 August.
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