Deja vu: Abkhazian Foreign Ministry announced resumption of flights of Georgian bespilotnikov

Georgia has resumed flights of unmanned aerial vehicles (BPLA) over the territory of Abkhazia, according to the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic. Two bespilotnika Abkhaz border guards were reported on 7 July at 22:00 in the vicinity of the village of Saber. A further two aircraft registered in 23:35 in the vicinity of the village Huhun Tkvarchalskogo district.

Representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic declares that the first two bespilotnika went deep into the Gali district. The Abkhaz side fears that the provocative actions of Georgia may lead to further escalation of the conflict. Representatives of Russia and Georgia have not commented on what happened.

Georgian BPLA has conducted aerial reconnaissance over Abkhazia and South Ossetia last summer, shortly before the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

8 July 2009 | bespilotniki, flights, resume

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Russia was hit by three of the six aircraft in their war with Georgia.

• The situation in the abhazo-Georgian border has deteriorated again »»»
On Monday morning in western Georgia, two Georgian policemen wounded in anti-tank mine explosion on a bridge near the village of Hurcha Zugdidi district, transmits Interfax with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
• Georgian drone again began to fly over Abkhazia »»»
Border Service of Russia has registered with the May 2009, more than 40 violations of the airspace boundaries of Abkhazia by Georgian unmanned aerial vehicles.
• 2500 Abkhaz reservists took up arms in preparation to aggravate with Georgia »»»
On Friday in Abkhazia began teaching the armed forces of the unrecognized republic in which the planned live-fire.
• Georgian Foreign Ministry accuses Russia of "capture of new territories." Saakashvili said that he does not want a new armed conflict »»»
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on Sunday issued a new indictment against the Russian military.
• Georgia Georgian authorities pariruet.Otvet Foreign Ministry »»»
The Georgian side has never created barriers to air service between Russia and Georgia, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic.