Tbilisi - Kiev: We bypassed without your arms

"Georgia will not be a disaster if the Ukraine, for any reason cease to supply arms to Tbilisi." This was stated in an interview with the newspaper "Den" said the Ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine Grigol Katamadze.

"You can not show me any instrument that has proven to me that there is an embargo on arms supplies to Georgia. Therefore, we can buy it freely, without restrictions. If we are talking about the future of cooperation with Ukraine, it all depends on the wishes whether Kiev to continue to work with us. A few years ago, I would say categorically "yes", but now I'm not sure. But if the Ukraine for some reason refuses to cooperate with the Georgian military-technical sector, which, incidentally, is a mutually beneficial , it is nothing catastrophic in that I do not see "- said Katamadze. Replying to a question, is whether Ukraine and Georgia closer cooperation after the August events, he said: "When I started to work its embassy in 2001, trade turnover between our countries was $ 47 million At the end of 2008 on trade between Georgia and Ukraine was more than $ 900 million Ukraine occupies a stable 2-3rd place among the trade partners of Georgia. Of course, the trade balance is negative - Ukraine is exporting more to Georgia than Georgia to Ukraine. But we are not oppressed. "

Remember, 29 April, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko stated that Kiev is not supplying weapons to Georgia and in the near future does not intend to do so.

7 July 2009 | delivery, embargo, go, weapons

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