Mikhail Saakashvili: Georgia will be moving towards compliance with the Constitution

Russian service of the Voice of America "by e-mail addressed to the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili with a request to answer some questions.

Anna Leonidova: Mr. President, it took some time after the August war in 2008, and Georgia once again - the focus of world media. In August, the threat was external. Now pressure is growing from within. How do you evaluate what is happening in your country?

Mikhail Saakashvili: Georgia is at the forefront of an important ideological struggle. The issue of whether such a small country like ours, separating the Western principles of democracy and human rights, assert their independence and retain the right to choose their allies. Can a country in our part of the world to carry out the transformation based on the rule of law and full transparency? Or the world will return to the idea of the XIX century about "spheres of influence"? This - the basic, fundamental issues that we face today in Georgia.

In the past five years, the people of Georgia has done an extraordinary job under difficult to escape from the dark centuries of enslavement: first - the Soviet empire, then - the failure of the victim's own corrupt era of the post-independence.

We win this fight. Time and time again, Georgia is called among the most successful transitional democracies. Last month, the World Bank has called us first in the list. Corruption in the country, to a large extent, eliminated. Prevailing rule of law. Despite the August invasion, and the global crisis of foreign direct investment in Georgia is stable.

The people of Georgia is free to realize their aspirations. This does not mean that everything is perfect, far from it. We still are a country struggling with poverty and painful consequences of the Soviet era. Therefore, his second presidential term, I spent the idea of "Georgia without deprivation, and create jobs for all residents.

This is the progress of Georgia for the past five years has made us target those who may be frightened by our successes. After all, if Georgia can be a successful free and democratic country with a market economy, what prevents other people in the region to realize the same dream? The idea is, unfortunately, some of the major. In August last year the world witnessed that the invasion was one of the ways to stop our progress. Another way - to sow unrest in the country. However, none of these attempts was successful, and was not able to force us to abandon the path. I wish I understood correctly: the people of Georgia have valid complaints and grievance. I and my Government has always been ready and willing now to negotiate with the opposition parties at any time, in order to find solutions to existing problems.

21 June 2009 | constitution, democracy, saakashvili

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