Who else obzyvaetsya, he called himself.

Who else obzyvaetsya, he called himself. This familiar to all from childhood frazochka today for any news. Hit her, made the Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, in a very ironic style of Russian ministers were asked not to take offense at the offensive remarks in his address of the Belarusian colleagues.
Started all remember with the revelation came to Minsk on the comprehensive federal Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, Russia. While Lukashenko and Putin seem to peacefully talked about the future of bilateral relations, Kudrin gave journalists a very pessimistic outlook for the economy. Pessimistic - this is mildly said. Russian Finance Minister actually predrek our country defaulted.
Abstracts of his speech came to Lukashenko (he talked about this in a recent interview) are still in talks with Belarusian President Putin. The next day, Kudrin was taken from the official Minsk on the first date.
«It is fully consolidated with our scumbags who are on the western vyakayut money and begin to teach us to work», - let the vitriolic comments about Kudrin Lukashenko at a meeting on socio-economic development. One can only imagine that actually spit in the language of the president, but he did not sletelo.
Belarusian officials have ranked lower in the characteristics of the Kudrina were, respectively, poostorozhnee. Our Prime Minister Kudrin Sidorsky compared only with the steward, «who has the keys of the granary castle, which further storing sees nothing».
This exchange «courtesies» - just one of many illustrations of a very wide application in the politics of the street altercation. Irony, sarcasm, and even direct insults at opponents - a normal thing for power. In politics it can be said, salt and pepper. For politicians - a way to stand out from the crowd like myself, to support its continuing interest person.
Well, for example, who would have been interested in the second decade of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, are not satisfied, he fights in the Duma, and not lyapaya from time to time, the absolute, but the original stupidity? Or listened to Venezuelan Hugo Chavez in seven to eight hours, if not a great friend of Belarus runs on Bush and other imperialists? Yes, and performances Lukashenko people watching and listening with the hope that is about to Bat'ko «bear». What happens, by the way, very often. This much he has style.
More than others, of course, Lukashenka goes to our opposition. And «scumbag» its called, and the «lousy flea», and «fifth column», and «enemies of the people». Some opposition members who had to sit for their activities, were awarded the definition of «criminals». Sometimes, the president manages all uncomplimentary characteristics fit in one sentence: «This was the position of our lousy opposition. No it is not the opposition. This is a fifth column, the enemies of the Belarusian people. I can responsibly say ».
There were, of course, instances of that with his frankness, President of Belarus went vprosak, as happened in October 2007, when expression of Bobruisk, Lukashenko and Jews almost provoked a conflict with Israel.
«If you were in Bobruisk, you saw the state of the city? It was terrible to go, svinushnik was. This was mainly a Jewish city, you know how Jews relate to the place where they live. Look at Israel, I was here … I do not want to offend them, but they do not care that the grass was trimmed, as in Moscow, Russians, Belarusians. This city was … I have a place to live - and well. Wooden houses - not bad, brick - as well. Cobbled streets - well, no - well, okay. That he was the city. We brought him up, and Israeli Jews say - guys, go back. I told them - with cash back ».
But happens that careless tempered the severity of the policy could lead to war. They say that it is for this reason that in August last year and broke the military conflict between Russia and Georgia. Moldova, Putin told Saakashvili that mocked a small increase in Vladimir, calling him Liliputin.
We do not know is whether the current Russian prime minister set about their own growth, but the tooth on the Georgian President Putin clearly is.
Speaking about the meeting, Putin, Medvedev and Sarkozy in Moscow on 12 August last year, the French publication Le Nouvel Observateur, then there really hear what others heard, whether by reason of «translation difficulties», quoted Putin: «… I have it (Saakashvili), hanged for the eggs … Why not? Americans in fact hanged Hussein ».
Press Service of the Russian prime minister called this citation insinuations, but in December the same year, Putin himself in communication with the Russians on the air in response to a question whether it was true that he promised to hang Saakashvili «in one place», he said: «Why« for one »?»
In this regard, one can say lucky Latvian President Valdis Zatlers which at last year's NATO summit in Bucharest, Putin called just «demon Cold War».
Putin himself, incidentally, is also sometimes allows himself to let the ambiguity of the foreign policy, particularly if relations between the countries, there is tension. Thus, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, who did not give the plane of Yulia Tymoshenko for the flight to Moscow for gas talks, Putin called «mazurikom», which in slang means Blatnoj small lurcher: «Mazurik some, the aircraft catch away».
In the address of the Belarusian President Putin, at least publicly, license does not allow. However, here the other day called Lukashenko «Original man». Understand how you want.
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17 June 2009 | byelorussia, lukashenko, medvedev, putin, saakashvili, sarkozy, timoshenko

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