Mtsyri and Imeretinskoe 1819-1820 uprising's

A poem by MU Lermontov «Mtsyri», seemed to say everything. Identified even possible prototype of the hero (see the works of N. Shabanyantsa, M. Lohvitskogo, etc.). But time and again, writers and scientists are returning to the analysis of Lermontov's poem, the history of its creation, that creates some new versions of the chain and hypotheses, although sometimes seemingly fantastic. Love to Lermontov neissyakaema. This bias, hence the bias judgments, which just might prove insightful many of the facts …
We - his own hypothesis, at first glance fantastic.
Mtsyri - Georgians imeretin, the son of one of the participants in the uprising Imeretinskogo 1819 - 1820 years.
What are the reasons for nominating this version?
To begin with, the clear age Mtsyri. In the poem about the captive boy says: «He was, apparently, six years …». In the original version is said still uncertain: «He was not older than six years …».
The events, which tells of the poem, are dated quite precisely, the beginning of their concerns, about the time since 1801 ( «At that time Georgia was already under the rule of the Russians»), and concludes with the story, the recent ( «a few years ago,»), t . f. close to 1837. It seems that links the events of Lermontov's poem with its Yermolov trips to Chechnya and Dagestan. «Russian General» (or «old General» another edition) - this is very Ermolov A., whose name is explicitly named in the drafts «Mtsyri». Indeed, in 1820 ended Yermolov led the first major expedition against the recalcitrant people of Chechnya and Dagestan, which began back in 1818. Yermolov returned from this expedition in Tbilisi February 23, 1820. Thus, if Mtsyri goes into exile in 1820, when he was six years old, then, consequently, Lermontov had him born in the year in which himself was born - in 1814.
Lermontov connected with the capture Mtsyri Yermolov campaign in Chechnya and Dagestan, and thus there was common opinion that the person depicted Mtsyri Lermontov North Highlanders might Chechen. This conclusion comes. for example, the authors of the book «MU Lermontov and the Chechen-Ingush Republic »(Checheno-ingushsk. book. Izd-vo, 1964, p.7). There are other versions (see T. Ivanov. Lermontov in the Caucasus. M., Izd «Children's lit.», 1968, pp. 90-95) that are not, however, recognition lermontovedenii.
But if Mtsyri was Dagestanis, the question arises: why Yermolov required to carry a small Highlanders, even the patient, through the mountains in Tbilisi, not whether it was easier to send it in or leave the Derbent in Vladikavkaz? By the way, is where children saw Pushkin Amanat (ie prisoners, hostages) during his trip to Arzrum in 1829.
It should be noted that Yermolov considered necessary to take hostages, including children, because saw in this an effective tool for the release of prisoners by Russian soldiers and officers and to guarantee obedience conquered areas and tribes. The attitude to the hostages, it was very cruel. They were executed in the event of riots, tried to hold in the circumstances, not to burden the treasury. After the end of his campaign, in 1820, Yermolov wrote: «From the nobles of names, I ordered take 24 Amanat and appointed them to stay in Derbent», ie hostages are not taken away, and left in a safe place nearby.
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